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Welcome to Green City !

Where dreams meet reality and the canvas of your perfect home begins to unfold. As a premier real estate company, we take pride in transforming the way you envision your living space. At Green City Muzaffarpur, we go beyond selling plots – we craft opportunities for a lifetime of happiness and prosperity.

Green City Muzaffarpur is not just a real estate company; it’s a gateway to the life you’ve always envisioned. Join us in building a future where your home is not just a structure but a haven of happiness. Explore our plots, envision your dream home, and let Green City Muzaffarpur be the architect of your aspirations. Welcome to a brighter, greener, and more fulfilling tomorrow!

Featured Properties for Sale

Property Type – A

Plot Area – 3600 Sq. Ft.

Plot Dimension – 72′ X 50′

Property Type – B

Plot Area – 2700 Sq. Ft.

Plot Dimension – 60′ x 45′

Property Type – C

Plot Area – 1800 Sq. Ft.
Plot Dimension – 50′ x 36′

Property Type – D

Plot Area – 900 Sq. Ft.
Plot Dimension – 36′ x 25′
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